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Time for a little backstory.
I go to a gifted school. This means I’m just about 1 year ahead in every subject–For example, next year I’m taking AP Lang and Physics. (I’m not ahead in math because I skipped 2 years of math to transfer to this school.)
It’s a lot of work. We get a lot more homework than at my old school and it’s a lot to balance that with recreational stuff, like Bloom Magazine.

I recognize that I have been majorly slacking as far as Bloom goes–My Covergirl, for example, doesn’t even communicate with me; the writers I had have all quit for various, Bloom-unrelated reasons; my articles have come to a standstill.

Not to mention, I’ve had an AP mock exam and a real AP exam in the past few weeks (in AP European History) and finals in every other class. So I’ve spent a ton of time studying. I haven’t had ANY time for Bloom. Really dissappointing.

But, instead of cancelling Bloom which would be easy, I would rather still have it.

So I’ve decided to reform Bloom from a full-fledged magazine into a blog. The blog will still be, but instead of being a all-on-one-go monthly kind of thing, each article will come by itself.

Good idea? Bad idea? Feedback, please.

Rebecca Minkoff Pick on Sale!

Our pick is on sale! If you have a spare $316 laying around, this bag is such a good investment. Beautiful leather will last a long time, and the colors are perfect for spring and summer.


April Release Delay

I’m so sorry.
I know the sinking, twisting, dissappointing feeling when someone lets you down. And that’s what I’m doing, I’m letting down the people that have always given me support and have always stood beside and behind me.

The release of Bloom–and I can tell you, it’s going to be one hell of a release–is going to be delayed. After the death of my aunt, AP exams and mock exams at school, it’s just not feasible to stand steady to the April release date.
However–fret not! The delay will be a month at the most, and you’ll love it anyways. So its worth the wait–the suspense will enrich it even more, isn’t that what they say? Or what they think, anyway?

I hope all of you are having a fabulous week–I’m certainly not. I think I’m sick again, with who knows what–But I have April picks on the way, bear with me!

X, Caridie. As always.

Great Expectations

Hello, doinker_chic:

“Wow, aren’t you a little bitch?
Recherche is a COMMON word, used in France where it originated. I am partly french! I am the one that told you and was honest that you and I happen to hav the same name. AND my magazne isn’t a blog, get that straight. I told you straightup and u twisted my words. I doubt you have posted if I didnt inform you of the similarity. You are a hypocrite.”

Here is my message to doinker_chic:

Mmkay. Before I begin addressing this, let’s all remain above name-calling, please? Bitch, hypocrite, yadda yadda yadda, you certainly aren’t accomplishing anything using those words, you’re really not. There’s no goal. Are you scaring me? Are you puffing up your chest, saying you’re the more adult and the more intimidating one with those nasty words of yours? Let’s move on.

1. “Recherche is a COMMON word, used in France where it originated. I am partly french! ” OMG, Good for you, my dear! I’m partly French as well! Assumptions…sigh. Where do they end, again?

So, you read the post? Well then you must recall that it didn’t go something along the lines of… “Oh, look! This girl picked the same name, what do I do!?”

2. “I am the one that told you and was honest that you and I happen to hav the same name.” Doinker_chic, you’ve visited my profile before I had Recherché, and after. You’ve visited my profile before you had Recherché, and after. And you even posted in my guestbook, calling attention to the fact that our blogs, completely coincidentally and absolutely not intentionally, have the same names. Whoopee!

What were you trying to do, keep me from freaking out? You brought it to my attention. Wrong move if you wanted it to seem coincidental.

3. “I doubt you have posted if I didnt inform you of the similarity.” Entirely possible. I might not have–if Recherché was any other word. Like, maybe something a little more common.

That was me addressing your comment. Hey, have a blog with the same name, I really am not going to interfere or accuse you of anything. I’m just saying…the pretty picture you painted doesn’t scream coincidence to me. I’m not one to hold a grudge. And, I hope your magazine does well. Best of luck!

Also: Don’t expect any Spring Break picks..Expect a post with a week’s worth in a day or two, that’ll make up for it 🙂

Back For More.

I’m back.

The service for my aunt is coming up, and I’m actually happy that I’ll be able to pay my respects and see her for the last time.

I’m also back and active on Stardoll again, I’m working on the magazine and going to pick up posting on RB again! Speaking of Recherche Bloom…It turns out, theres a magazine owned by none other than doinker_chic, called Recherche Magazine.

Hmm, what are the chances that two people, in relatively similar social circles, will each seperately find the word recherche and decide it’s a great name for a magazine blog? Low? 0-nothing? Yeah, I thought so.

Oh well. Moving on to the last March pick! It’s a good one.

Brian Atwood Lena Mix Platforms

Brian Atwood Lana Mix Platforms

You know how everyone was saying that the whole 80’s shebang–strong shoulders, bright colors, nipped waists–is really big? There’s no way they could have emphasized it enough. Just look at these babies!

Absolutely stunning colors, in an absolutely stunning suede design. Thank you, Brian Atwood! Platforms are great because they add height, definitely, minus some of the pain of 5 inch heels. I’m showing you the back view because it showcases the platform and the colors–it’s a peeptoe.

I love the colors–they’re shocking. Like a conveniently designed fashion surprise for your outfit!

So, what are your thoughts? Love it, leave it?

Creativity Still Blooms

As you know, I’m still really depressed after the death of my aunt, who was very close to me, but I figured I should give you guys something to look at…here it is!

(One note before I get to it: One of the items we featured, the Miu Miu Satin Bow necklace, has been adapted into a Hot Buy for next month!)

Mario’s Designs, one of the many blogs I follow and one of my favorite variety, has just been updated with Mario’s renditions of the recent Gucci collection, and let me tell you–It is not to be missed!

Observe by clicking here. (I’m unable to upload anything at the moment.)

Trust me–If you appreciate the visual effects of hard work and skill, you’ll appreciate this!

As far as the situation on my aunt goes…there is a service in a week and I’m looking forward to it. My aunt was easily my closest relative outside of immediate family…And I miss her very much. I don’t have time to do fun things outside of school and frankly, I’m not in the mood to. However this won’t affect the release of Bloom in April. I hope you are all looking forward to it as much as I am!

I want everyone to know, if someone you know is in a tough time like the death of someone you love an incredible amount–hold their hand, be there for them, and don’t be afraid to cry with them. It’s tough, and eventually, you will go through something like it too. You’ll be grateful to have that loving person with you. Tears, hugs, comfort–it makes it so much more bearable.

Thank you to the people who have been holding my hand and being there for me. These are the people I will remain loyal to and that I know are loyal to me. And it would be much harder without them.

Despite the space that separates us on this planet, death is universal.

Luckily, so is comfort.